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Georgia Kyriakaki

2. The SICMA multimedia server and the virtual museum application

Publication Authors: Mavraganis Y., Maragoudakis I., Pappas N., Kyriakaki G., Meyer K.
Publication Info: Proceedings of ECMAST 98 Conference, March 1998, Berlin-Germany 1998
Publication Type: Proceedings

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1. The KYDONIA Multimedia Information Server

Publication Authors: Christodoulakis S., Pappas N., Kyriakaki G., Maragoudakis I., Mavraganis Y., Tsinaraki C.
Publication Info: Ed. Serge Fdida and Michele Morganti "Multimedia Applications, Services and Techniques - ECMAST'97", Proceedings of Second European Conference Milan, Italy, Springer, May 1997
Publication Type: Conference Publications

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