Framework overview

The XS2OWL Framework aims to support semantic interoperability between the Semantic Web and XML enironments. In particular, it supports the automatic transformation of XML Schemas in OWL syntax.

The XS2OWL Framework has been integrated with the SPARQL2XQuery framework, which allows the translation of SPARQL queries in XQuery syntax. The XS2OWL framework is based on the XS2OWL transformation model which allows the representation of XML Schemas in OWL syntax.

The XS2OWL-based transformation process generates two ontologies:

  • A main ontology that represents the XML Schema constructs using OWL constructs.
  • A mapping ontology that associates the names of the XML Schema constructs with the IDs of the equivalent main ontology constructs and captures any information present in the XML Schema that cannot be captured in the main ontology due to the expressivity limitations of the OWL 2.0 syntax.

Project Timeline

The XS2OWL framework was introduced in 2007 and is being regularly updated till now, according to the related updates of the W3C standards in order to capture and support any new features and functionality.

  • XS2OWL: A Formal Model and a System for enabling XML Schema Applications to interoperate with OWL-DL Domain Knowledge and Semantic Web Tools
    Tsinaraki C., Christodoulakis S.
    February 2007
  • Interoperability of XML Schema Applications with OWL Domain Knowledge and Semantic Web Tools
    Tsinaraki C., Christodoulakis S.
    November 2007
  • Support for Interoperability between OWL based and XML Schema based Applications
    Tsinaraki C., Christodoulakis S.
    December 2007
  • A Semantic-Based Framework for Multimedia Management and Interoperability
    Tsinaraki C.
    Ph.D. Thesis
  • XS2OWL is extended to exploit OWL 2.0 semantics and support XML Schema 1.1 new features.
    June 2010
  • SPARQL2XQuery 2.0: Supporting Semantic-based Queries over XML Data
    I. Stavrakantonakis, C. Tsinaraki, N. Bikakis, N. Gioldasis, S. Christodoulakis
    December 2010
  • Interoperability support between OWL 2.0 and XML environments
    I. Stavrakantonakis
    Diploma Thesis

XS2OWL Framework Key features

  • Uplifts XML Schema 1.0 and XML Schema 1.1 to OWL 2.0 syntax.
  • Allows to down lift from the generated ontology to the original XML Schema.
  • Captures the semantics of the unique, key and keyref XML identity constraints.
  • Includes an XPath Evaluator, which is able to evaluate an XPath expression over the XML Schema, since the XPath expressions do not refer to the node hierarchy of the XML Schema but in the node structure of the XML data following it.
  • Implemented as an XSLT stylesheet.