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Katerina Mania, Ph.D

Brief Bio

I serve as an Assoc. Prof. in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete, Greece. I have previously served as faculty and still retain close contacts with the Department of Informatics of the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. I completed a B.Sc. in Mathematics at the University of Crete, Greece, an M.Sc. in Advanced Computing (Global Computing and Multimedia) and a Ph.D in Computer Science at the Univeristy of Bristol, UK. My Ph.D thesis was titled 'Fidelity Metrics for Virtual Environment Simulations based on Human Judgements of Spatial Memory Awareness States'  funded by the Hewlett Packard Laboratories External Research Program. Prior to my Ph.D, I was a full-time researcher and consultant at Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Bristol, UK working on architectural visualisation, user interfaces and 3D graphics for the web, from 1996 till 1998. I was on academic study leave from August until December 2003 at NASA Ames Research Centre, USA (Advanced Displays and Spatial Perception Laboratory), working on user latency detection and adaptation in Virtual Environments with Dr Stephen Ellis, Dr Bernard Adelstein and Mr Michael Hill. I was also on academic leave in 2012 at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School collaborating with the Psychiatry group.

I serve as one of the Associate Editors for ACM Transactions On Applied Perception and Presence, Tele-operators and Virtual Environments, MIT Press.

Group Presentation

Video shown as part of the Technical University of Crete "Science Day" focusing on enhancing primary school students' appreciation of Science.


Ioannis Christodoulou
Grigoris Kontadakis
George Alex Koulieris
Katerina Malisova
Evangelia Mavromihelaki
Giorgos Papadakis
Stefan Petrovski
Alexandros Zotos


Best paper award at GISTAM 2015

3rd prize at ACM Student Research Competition @ SIGGRAPH 2014 awarded to George Alex Koulieris

Prize at Microsoft sponsored Mobile Game Competition awarded to Eleni Verikokidi

Our work in local press,  11-Jan, 2014!

Our research on the cover of ACM Transactions on Applied Perception issue 8(1), 2011!


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