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KNOSOS: New Media Knowledge Village for Innovative e-Learning Solutions

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Contract Information

Programme Acronym: LEONARDO DA VINCI
Start Date: 2002-12-01
End Date: 2004-05-31
Contract No: N/A
Role for TUC/MUSIC: Contractor
Funding for TUC/MUSIC: 108500.0 Euros
Principal Investigator for TUC/MUSIC: Stavros Christodoulakis

Project Information

Project Description

The convergence of web and broadcast information gives new value and quality to the available educational services. The project will exploit the educational potential of the integration of web and digital TV technologies following the TV Anytime-Anywhere models defined by the TV Anytime Forum. This new technological reality requires very dynamic continuous update and acquisition of new knowledge and skills both for ICT professionals and users from humanities, arts, mass media etc. and forms the primary target groups of the project consisting of: 1/ ICT and new media professionals, working for educational content providers through digital TV following the TV Anytime models, as well as for electronic mass media, advertising agencies etc.; 2/ educationalists, teachers and tutors, using the new technology to support the development of pedagogically driven applications; 3/ students with needs for additional competence to work on content and tools production, integrating web and broadband media. The new competences of the target groups members will contribute also to their adaptability to the labour market of the digital economy and to creation of new business opportunities in the audiovisual industry.

The main aim of the project is to create a network of virtual training and resource centres of expertise (New Media Knowledge Village) for development of competence in integrated web and digital TV Anytime-Anywhere technologies. The efforts will be focused on: integration of existing or emerging technological and education standards, as well as existing or emerging standards in digital TV developed in the context of TV Anytime-Anywhere, in order to propose a unified standard for vocational training using digital TV Anytime-Anywhere devices and methodologies; development of curriculum and actual training facilities for professionals and/or students in the field of digital TV Anytime-Anywhere standards, tools, applications and techno-legal issues of IPR/digital rights management; involvement of interactive TV facilities for personalisation of learning and its tailoring to the individual learning styles.

Expected specific results of the project:

  1. New Media Knowledge Village, containing at least four local centres of expertise in the form of applied software systems running on existing computer and communication infrastructure of the partners.
  2. Methods for pedagogical use of integrated web and interactive TV technologies. Proposal of a unified standard for vocational training using digital TV Anytime-Anywhere devices.
  3. Distributed repository (multimedia database) of information resources and re-usable training materials in the field of integrated web and digital TV technologies. The training materials will be developed in English and the partner languages (when found necessary).
  4. Curricula in the field of digital TV technologies for professionals and/or students with various backgrounds, covering at least 12 modules for different training levels.
  5. Experimental use and evaluation of the project vocational training facilities with representatives of the primary target groups from the partner institutions or from institutions, expressed interest to project results.

The long term impact of the project is in its contribution to the possibilities for time independent interactive and personalised access to broadband training information at educational institution, at home or on the move, which is a real step towards implementing the ‘ubiquitous learning’ paradigm – personalised life-long learning for all, anywhere, anytime.

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Hungarian Academy of Sciences
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