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MULTIMEDIA: Hellenic Action for Multimedia Information Systems

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Contract Information

Programme Acronym: STRIDE
Start Date: 1992-01-01
End Date: 1994-01-31
Contract No: N/A
Role for TUC/MUSIC: Prime Contractor
Funding for TUC/MUSIC: 510000.0 Euros
Principal Investigator for TUC/MUSIC: Stavros Christodoulakis

Project Information

Project Description

MULTIMEDIA was a development project and part of the Science and Technology for Regional Innovation and DEvelopment (STRIDE) program. MUSIC was the Prime Contractor and Technical Leader of this project. Participants were the most advanced companies and institutes of Greece in the area of multimedia information systems.

MULTIMEDIA aimed at creating the infrastructure and mechanisms for an advanced multimedia systems industry in Greece, as well as at developing multimedia technology in the public and private sector. More specifically, MULTIMEDIA aimed at:

  • multimedia information technology development.
  • establishment of technology transfer environment.
  • development of class application platforms and development of specific applications.

The center of technology transfer in multimedia information systems was established in MUSIC's location at Chania.

The project main focus was on the following areas:

  • The development and technology transfer of core multimedia information systems technology. The objective was to create the environment for generating competitive high quality core multimedia system support in the long run.
  • The development of procedures, capturing tools and appropriate information material for the development of distinct high quality applications in user organizations. These applications concern platforms for museums, advertisement and promotion of tourism, historical and archaeological maps of Crete.
  • The development of application layers on top of the multimedia system kernels for the major application classes that have been identified. In some cases specialized user interfaces for particular user applications were also created on top of the application software for the class.

MULTIMEDIA brought the core application classes identified as close to commercial products of high value as possible. The objective of the multimedia information technology development and transfer environment is to become an effective mechanism in Greece for the most advanced international technology development and transfer.

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Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
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