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ADONIS: Advanced on-the-job e-Training Solutions for e-Business for SMEs

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Programme Acronym: LEONARDO DA VINCI
Start Date: 2002-02-01
End Date: 2004-01-31
Contract No: N/A
Role for TUC/MUSIC: Contractor
Funding for TUC/MUSIC: 42000.0 Euros
Principal Investigator for TUC/MUSIC: Stavros Christodoulakis

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The e-Europe initiative stresses the urgent need for a common framework and launch a vast campaign to help SMEs to “go digital” by facilitating the transfer of technological know how and removing the lack of potential and skills to integrate networking techniques in their business. New “virtual enterprises” are arising, allowing business activities to be carried out freed from the constraints of geography and mobility.

The efforts in the project ADONIS will be focused in: covering the profiles and specific needs of the user target groups for working in the European e-Economy; orienting the learning technologies to specific requirements of the on-the-job-training life cycle; providing learning content oriented towards virtual enterprise activities. The project aims will be achieved through development of virtual network of local centres of expertise with related SMEs for their on-the-job e-training in e-Business.

The project’s primary target group consists of staff and managers of Tourism-oriented SMEs. The secondary target group covers staff and managers from Cultural Industry oriented SMEs.

The project contribution to existing European and national vocational training practices consists in: incorporation of e-learning techniques in the on-the-job training activities; cost-effective personalised in-company training for e-Business, innovative learning content supporting development of new business models and SME behaviour for successful transition towards European networked economy.

The basic result of the project is the development of ADONIS open distributed environment for on-the-job e-training in SMEs, integrating innovative solutions for training of SME personnel to perform successfully e-Business activities. The information resources of the environment local centres of expertise consist of software solutions, training courseware, multimedia and documents. The ADONIS environment with at least four local centres of expertise will provide:

  • Training in tools and services for SME as information supplier - templates for web site construction, electronic publishing tools for the publishing of internal, "business-to-business" and client-oriented documents (catalogues, advertising), tools and services for the web marketing for SMEs.

  • Training in tools and services for SME as information receiver within the regional context (databases for archiving information, user profiling tools, library of specialised information, search engines and agents).

  • Training in tools and services for SME as information exchanger (messaging tools, cooperation tools and services).

  • Training in methods and tools, catalysing SME e-business activities (business plans, business models, e-commerce).

The environment will organise vocational training with at least 15 modules for different training levels.
The major expected impacts of the project concern raising understanding and awareness of e-Business in target SMEs and catalysing e-Business success factors for their virtual communities. Trough direct on-the-job training the ADONIS environment with its functionality, potential and experience of the consortium partners will naturally serve as a “fasttrack” toward Europe e-Economy.

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John von Neuman Computer Society
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