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Katerina Malisova
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Katerina Malisova is a graduate Product and Systems Design Engineer. She has specialized in Product design, Corporate Identity, Multimedia design, Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments. During her studies at the University of Aegean, she got a 2-month internship in INTE*LEARN where she designed and developed interactive web applications for educational purposes. She got her diploma after having submitted her thesis about awareness evaluation in collaborative virtual environments for interior designers, under the supervision of Prof. Spyros Vosinakis. Soon, she realized that the combination of conceptual design, multimodal interaction design and information visualization was really challenging and intriguing. The perspective of designing interactive applications that would offer users an interesting multimodal experience excited her to continue her studies in the above scientific areas. She is currently attending an MSc program at the Technical University of Crete, working on Conceptual Visualization methods and Interaction techniques, under the supervision of Prof. Katerina Mania.


2011: Diploma, Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of the Aegean
Thesis title: ‚ÄúCollaborative Virtual Environments for Interior Design: Problems detected in awareness and suggested solutions‚ÄĚ
Prof. Spyros Vosinakis (Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering),
Prof. Panagiotis Koutsabasis (Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering)

Research Interests